Take Me Back to New Orleans!

I miss it so much! Now that Mardi Gras is upon us, Newaaah-lyns is on my mind. Here’s some pictures and a short video of my experience with the love of my life. Learn how to make life a collection of your favorite moments. Please enjoy and share. Gracias!

Miss Something

Our dogs. We always miss our dogs the most. They know when we are leaving and try to go with us. Sometimes they are successful! Second is our patio. Its cutely decorated and the perfect size. I always can’t wait to come back home!

So cute

Can we go with you daddy? Please?


Always eat. We learned quickly (especially being vegetarians) that we are happiest with frequent feedings. Oranges, chips, carrots, and of course, mimosas! There’s vitamin C in that, right?

Important to eat before you travel!

Important to eat before you travel!

Practice juggling and reading at the same time. Amazing!

Practice juggling and reading at the same time. Amazing!

Organized and colorful.

Organized and colorful.

Arrive in Style

“Roll out the red carpet, pull back the velvet ropes, and slide into your car.” He said it, we didn’t argue. Be proud and accepting of your environment, and always make the best of it. Live the life you want to, and watch beauty unfold.

So fancy!

So fancy!

Lights camera fun!


Immerse & Enjoy

Enjoy the things they’re known for, love the kitsch, appreciate the music, make a donation, embrace religion, and observe beautiful art. Walking around this city and allowing ourselves to be in awe was a truly magical moment. Tag–you’re it!

I think these are the largest I've ever seen.

I think these are the largest I’ve ever seen.

Street Mural St. Lukes Pigpen Street Musicians Think Pink

Be Delighted

Be an artist. Be a spectacle. Be yourself. Of all the things we can be, what do you choose to be? I choose happiness, love, and excitement. We should ask ourselves: “am I the Adult my child self wanted to grow up to be?” I’m still working on it. What about you?IMG_6360
IMG_6412 IMG_6364