A Day In Hair

Being an artist with diverse interests, I seem to attract a diverse clientele. My days in the salon are always fun, challenging, and highly rewarding. I get to be a part of someone’s hair journey– uh, more like life journey! Here’s a short story of the Galvanized Girls from today. 

 Balayage Blonde

Lightener 20 vol Tone Shades EQ 9N=9V & Processing Solution. This is the 3rd application.

Moving to Vermont for Medical school. Gonna miss this girl! 

No-Box Brunette 

6NN 20 vol , Lightener 20vol; Shades Eq 6Gb=7Gb (Root) , 9B midshafts/ends

 Ready for her dental examination licensure. New Hair= New career !! Smile. 

Strawberry Balayage  

Lightner 40 vol; Shades Eq 9Gi;9T=crystal clear, 2:1

 With better lighting, 7 minutes later… 

Breaking hearts everyday, and, oh Ya “I drive a corporate car.” So fance. 

Which color would you wear? What color will take you to where you need to be. Let your hair define your inner spirit, and never be afraid to express yourself. With a little bit of money, and the right stylist, you can make magic happen! 


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