The 3 Mindsets You Need To Be Happy


When I was younger I had a blood disorder that affected my serotonin levels and caused me to be depressed.

At seven years old I would watch cartoons and break out into tears. I felt like I was losing the battle against my emotions.

I thought a lot about what it means to be happy, and how I could be happier despite this chemical imbalance.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really won this battle of emotions. I still have ups and downs, good days and bad days.

But I’ve realized that when it comes to being happy, the circumstances don’t matter that much. It’s all about your perspective and your mindsets.

So here are the 3 mindsets that we need to be happy.

1) Our Present Does NOT Dictate Our Future

No matter where we are, how we feel, or what we are doing—that doesn’t decide what will happen…

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Transforming Your Hair Color  

When you’re feeling red, go red. When you’re feeling blonde, go for it. Just don’t do both within the same year. Taking time between color transitions will leave your hair in better condition between each color process, while giving you time to repair and nourish it in between appointments. 

As far as what to change to, many people know what color pallets looks best on them. Soft pinks? Vibrant oranges? Forest Green? After looking at your eye color, use the color wheel to find complimentary colors to your style and personality. And then stick with it. 

If you like to change, you MUST take really great care of your lovely locks. Start. With a really reparitive and nourishing conditioning mask.  This one is my favorite from Kerastase. 


    When deciding to switch it up, make sure you ask your stylist about damage, at home care, and a realistic time line to go from Red to Blonde. Anything is possible, but enjoying the process of can be a beautiful journey! 

Rooty Red Head

love the darker root

Paul Mitchell 3VR 10 vol (roots), 3VR 5vol midshaft-ends

Barely Natural Blonde. 


love the white highlights.

Wella Bleach 20 vol, Shades EQ 9V and clear


How will you transform your hair next? Let me know! By leaving a comment or posting a picture!


A Day In Hair

Being an artist with diverse interests, I seem to attract a diverse clientele. My days in the salon are always fun, challenging, and highly rewarding. I get to be a part of someone’s hair journey– uh, more like life journey! Here’s a short story of the Galvanized Girls from today. 

 Balayage Blonde

Lightener 20 vol Tone Shades EQ 9N=9V & Processing Solution. This is the 3rd application.

Moving to Vermont for Medical school. Gonna miss this girl! 

No-Box Brunette 

6NN 20 vol , Lightener 20vol; Shades Eq 6Gb=7Gb (Root) , 9B midshafts/ends

 Ready for her dental examination licensure. New Hair= New career !! Smile. 

Strawberry Balayage  

Lightner 40 vol; Shades Eq 9Gi;9T=crystal clear, 2:1

 With better lighting, 7 minutes later… 

Breaking hearts everyday, and, oh Ya “I drive a corporate car.” So fance. 

Which color would you wear? What color will take you to where you need to be. Let your hair define your inner spirit, and never be afraid to express yourself. With a little bit of money, and the right stylist, you can make magic happen! 

Grey Blonde is the New Blonde

Summer is coming up, which means you might be thinking about going lighter! It’s such an exciting and special moment. Keep in mind that bleaching your hair might change the way your virgin, healthy locks  feel. So be sure to talk to your stylist about at home care products to keep your locks feeling smooth and looking shiny. I always love and recommend Moroccan Oil Treatment. This power serum is a great foundation for blowdrys and under any hot tools for added heat protection!

Washing your hair less will also help fighting off dryness during the summer months. Think moisture. Always rock your blonde to the max and don’t be afraid to play with toners. You should know what a toner is by now!! If not, grill your stylist for information! You only want the best. I have so many blondes asking for this beautiful ash / grey / beige color right now. It’s so beautiful and looks great with a root.

  • Here’s one of my favorites. Enjoy the process!  

Edit  Edit  Edit


If you speak hairdresser, here’s my secret formula: 

Natural level 7. 

Lightener 20 volume. 

Shades EQ: 9T=9V & processing solution. 

(Sometimes we add a splash of 9B or 9RB)

On root for 5 min, pull through for last 2. Let it turn grey! It’s scary at first, but that full deposit makes it last! 😉

Take Me Back to New Orleans!

I miss it so much! Now that Mardi Gras is upon us, Newaaah-lyns is on my mind. Here’s some pictures and a short video of my experience with the love of my life. Learn how to make life a collection of your favorite moments. Please enjoy and share. Gracias!

Miss Something

Our dogs. We always miss our dogs the most. They know when we are leaving and try to go with us. Sometimes they are successful! Second is our patio. Its cutely decorated and the perfect size. I always can’t wait to come back home!

So cute

Can we go with you daddy? Please?


Always eat. We learned quickly (especially being vegetarians) that we are happiest with frequent feedings. Oranges, chips, carrots, and of course, mimosas! There’s vitamin C in that, right?

Important to eat before you travel!

Important to eat before you travel!

Practice juggling and reading at the same time. Amazing!

Practice juggling and reading at the same time. Amazing!

Organized and colorful.

Organized and colorful.

Arrive in Style

“Roll out the red carpet, pull back the velvet ropes, and slide into your car.” He said it, we didn’t argue. Be proud and accepting of your environment, and always make the best of it. Live the life you want to, and watch beauty unfold.

So fancy!

So fancy!

Lights camera fun!


Immerse & Enjoy

Enjoy the things they’re known for, love the kitsch, appreciate the music, make a donation, embrace religion, and observe beautiful art. Walking around this city and allowing ourselves to be in awe was a truly magical moment. Tag–you’re it!

I think these are the largest I've ever seen.

I think these are the largest I’ve ever seen.

Street Mural St. Lukes Pigpen Street Musicians Think Pink

Be Delighted

Be an artist. Be a spectacle. Be yourself. Of all the things we can be, what do you choose to be? I choose happiness, love, and excitement. We should ask ourselves: “am I the Adult my child self wanted to grow up to be?” I’m still working on it. What about you?IMG_6360
IMG_6412 IMG_6364