3 Easy Steps to Beautify Your Old Couch

Our couch is horrible! I have been in a love-hate relationship with this old thing. On one hand, it’s our family cuddle space. On the other, it’s not ergonomically friendly. It makes you slouch. Which depresses me. I like to sit up and proper-like. Its also brown. We’ll leave it at that. We hope to replace it with something like this (Ikea is great for so many things!), but this is how I made it work. For now.


Step 1

Cover it! I found this great white quilt at a thrift store named Revivals in Hillcrest for just $8!


I folded it in a triangle to extend its length across the couch. I love Pythagorus!

Step 2

Combine your favorite throws and wrap them with your favorite ribbons. Or scarves. So easy. I can’t even explain how easy this is. And it took my 29 seconds. I timed myself! Different textures and color coordination safe great. Here’s a great link if you need help with learning about color.

I also love how convertible this idea is. Pillows during the day. Unwrap and blankets at night! So perfect! And it only takes 29 seconds! Even better.



Step 3

Add your family. Get comfortable. Takes a few pictures for your new blog you just started ( wasn’t that on your New Years Resolution list? 😉 ). Prima wanted a solo shot.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/893/76769616/files/2015/01/img_7617.jpgThen of course Drama had to get involved. Because, well, she’s Drama.


Enjoy your creative discoveries and stick to all your New Years Goals! Remember to “Start Small,” and to always try new things!!

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