Grey Blonde is the New Blonde

Summer is coming up, which means you might be thinking about going lighter! It’s such an exciting and special moment. Keep in mind that bleaching your hair might change the way your virgin, healthy locks  feel. So be sure to talk to your stylist about at home care products to keep your locks feeling smooth and looking shiny. I always love and recommend Moroccan Oil Treatment. This power serum is a great foundation for blowdrys and under any hot tools for added heat protection!

Washing your hair less will also help fighting off dryness during the summer months. Think moisture. Always rock your blonde to the max and don’t be afraid to play with toners. You should know what a toner is by now!! If not, grill your stylist for information! You only want the best. I have so many blondes asking for this beautiful ash / grey / beige color right now. It’s so beautiful and looks great with a root.

  • Here’s one of my favorites. Enjoy the process!  

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If you speak hairdresser, here’s my secret formula: 

Natural level 7. 

Lightener 20 volume. 

Shades EQ: 9T=9V & processing solution. 

(Sometimes we add a splash of 9B or 9RB)

On root for 5 min, pull through for last 2. Let it turn grey! It’s scary at first, but that full deposit makes it last! 😉


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