Transforming Your Hair Color  

When you’re feeling red, go red. When you’re feeling blonde, go for it. Just don’t do both within the same year. Taking time between color transitions will leave your hair in better condition between each color process, while giving you time to repair and nourish it in between appointments. 

As far as what to change to, many people know what color pallets looks best on them. Soft pinks? Vibrant oranges? Forest Green? After looking at your eye color, use the color wheel to find complimentary colors to your style and personality. And then stick with it. 

If you like to change, you MUST take really great care of your lovely locks. Start. With a really reparitive and nourishing conditioning mask.  This one is my favorite from Kerastase. 


    When deciding to switch it up, make sure you ask your stylist about damage, at home care, and a realistic time line to go from Red to Blonde. Anything is possible, but enjoying the process of can be a beautiful journey! 

Rooty Red Head

love the darker root

Paul Mitchell 3VR 10 vol (roots), 3VR 5vol midshaft-ends

Barely Natural Blonde. 


love the white highlights.

Wella Bleach 20 vol, Shades EQ 9V and clear


How will you transform your hair next? Let me know! By leaving a comment or posting a picture!



A Day In Hair

Being an artist with diverse interests, I seem to attract a diverse clientele. My days in the salon are always fun, challenging, and highly rewarding. I get to be a part of someone’s hair journey– uh, more like life journey! Here’s a short story of the Galvanized Girls from today. 

 Balayage Blonde

Lightener 20 vol Tone Shades EQ 9N=9V & Processing Solution. This is the 3rd application.

Moving to Vermont for Medical school. Gonna miss this girl! 

No-Box Brunette 

6NN 20 vol , Lightener 20vol; Shades Eq 6Gb=7Gb (Root) , 9B midshafts/ends

 Ready for her dental examination licensure. New Hair= New career !! Smile. 

Strawberry Balayage  

Lightner 40 vol; Shades Eq 9Gi;9T=crystal clear, 2:1

 With better lighting, 7 minutes later… 

Breaking hearts everyday, and, oh Ya “I drive a corporate car.” So fance. 

Which color would you wear? What color will take you to where you need to be. Let your hair define your inner spirit, and never be afraid to express yourself. With a little bit of money, and the right stylist, you can make magic happen! 

Grey Blonde is the New Blonde

Summer is coming up, which means you might be thinking about going lighter! It’s such an exciting and special moment. Keep in mind that bleaching your hair might change the way your virgin, healthy locks  feel. So be sure to talk to your stylist about at home care products to keep your locks feeling smooth and looking shiny. I always love and recommend Moroccan Oil Treatment. This power serum is a great foundation for blowdrys and under any hot tools for added heat protection!

Washing your hair less will also help fighting off dryness during the summer months. Think moisture. Always rock your blonde to the max and don’t be afraid to play with toners. You should know what a toner is by now!! If not, grill your stylist for information! You only want the best. I have so many blondes asking for this beautiful ash / grey / beige color right now. It’s so beautiful and looks great with a root.

  • Here’s one of my favorites. Enjoy the process!  

Edit  Edit  Edit


If you speak hairdresser, here’s my secret formula: 

Natural level 7. 

Lightener 20 volume. 

Shades EQ: 9T=9V & processing solution. 

(Sometimes we add a splash of 9B or 9RB)

On root for 5 min, pull through for last 2. Let it turn grey! It’s scary at first, but that full deposit makes it last! 😉

Hair is Fun

Keeping up with your hair at the salon doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. You HAVE to be very honest to your stylist: when considering color, ask about time, budget, maintenance, and health of the hair. I bet the two of you can have an open conversation to determine the best course of action to achieve the look you desire, while NOT spending a fortune. That’s no fun, right?

My schedule is a “bleach & tone” touch up about every 10-12 weeks (2+ months, for those practicing math!). I bleach my roots to white, then apply a super ashy (grey/silver/violet) toner for about 20 minutes. It takes about 4 hours total, so I started inviting my hairdresser friends to do it at home. That’s a lot of salon time!!

The slower you process you hair with lightener, the better. You want to “slow cook” your hair– not deep fry it!! If your hair dresser immediately sticks you under the dryer — run! (I tend to use the hood dryer on low if the salon is chilly, or during the last 10 minutes to get that final lift: use your tools wisely!!) It might take a few more hours to do it the healthy way, but it’s always worth it.

Bleach is a super corrosive product, and it’s ONLY job is to break down the hair (to break molecular bonds & remove color). Add that with the metal foils for highlights, add that with heat, and lots of time. Scary!

As with all good things in life, a slow process is a healthy process. So change your home slowly, change your outlook on life slowly, and change you hair slowly. You’re gonna love what happens next!

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10 Reasons to Love Your (Oily) Hair

Finding solutions to problems is one of my favorite things to do. Problem solving in my career to help others is even more rewarding. One of the MOST common complaints I hear from my wonderful clients is how their hair is always DRY and FRIZZY. I then ask them about their wash cycle. Most wash every day, some–every other. To feel clean (don’t we all LOVE that feeling?). So while things like shampoo and conditioner are fairly modern inventions (the last 100 years or so), other things, like hair, even healthy hair(?) have been around for, um, I don’t know, forever (Story of Sampson-BEST HAIR EVER!). So whats the missing link? Why did Sampson’s hair have so much power, and how did he grow it so long, when he didn’t shampoo and condition his hair everyday? Obviously this is a bit of a stretch, but there has to be some BALANCE, so that our hair can be both healthy, and yet clean and fresh. I’ve found some solutions and heck, why not save a little money (and the world) while we’re at it? Lets start a positive feedback cycle, to enhance our health, beauty, and overall lifestyle. Lets begin.

10 Reasons to Love Your (Oily) Hair

  1. Love Yourself, Embrace Who You Are, and Work With What You’ve Got. Lets start with realistic expectations. You’re never going to permanently change the structure of your hair, how it grows, growth patterns, degree of curl (or lack thereof). I’m not including elective cosmetic changes, like perms, relaxers, and keratin treatments. The hair that grows from your scalp is just that. So deal with it.Love Yourself
  2. Oil is Good. Very Good. Humans naturally produces oils (sebum) from our sebaceous glands. Everyday, all day. Use it to your advantage. IT’S FREE! Use a natural boar-bristle brush (these Mason Pearson brushes are classic for a reason) to distribute natural oils down the hair shaft. The brushing also stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth (bonus!).
  3. Oils Prevents Breakage. Oil is required to keep your hair like a well-oiled machine. DUH!  Oil is one of the best substances to lock in moisture to lubricate your delicate amino acid bonds, while blocking out external moisture (humidity=frizz!!). We call this property an anti humectanct.  Keep your bonds moist => prevent breakage. Generally.
  4. Oil Protect from Heat. Natural oils create a barrier between your vulnerable hair strands, and the stress caused from flat iron and curling wands.  Would you take a hot iron to your bare skin, sans protection? Didn’t think so. NEVER EVER apply heat to your hair without protection. Natural oils are  great way to start.
  5. Replenish Thirsty, Porous, Dry Ends. Hair is like a sponge and accepts anything you put on it. Porosity is the measurement of empty space (holes of a sponge) in the hair. Healthy hair has very little porosity. Porosity is created by: 1. time, the long the hair lives, the longer its exposed to the environment, etc 2. heat styling, brushing, blow drying etc 3. chemical processing such as bleaching or perms, etc, etc, etc. Let natural oils fill in those holes, and your ends with stay MOIST and HEALTHY.
  6. Clean Hair Doesn’t Style Well. Kinda. Second day hair holds curl better, doesn’t lay flat, and looks naturally lived-in. Fold all your clothes and pack them in your suitcase. Fits perfect. Now rough them up and try to make them fit. No longer fits perfect. Same principal for hair. Most people love their hair the second day; the slightly roughed up cuticle, whether it be from sleeping, hair flips, or general sass) is enough to hold most styles. It also allows you to practice all those 5 minute up-dos you’ve been Pinning. But haven’t done. Seriously?
  7. Save Time. What can you do with the extra 3o minutes to an hour you spend every morning washing, blow drying and styling your hair. Pray? Make breakfast? Take an extra long walk with your dogs? Whatever you do, make sure its worth it. And think of how amazing your hair is going to be by NOT washing it.
  8. Save Money. Use less shampoo. Use less conditioner. Use less product. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Now use that money you saved and invest in high ends products that keep your hair feeling amazing (and moist!) at all times. Densifique from Kerastase contains hyaluronic acid, which, like an ant, can hold up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. Leave in on for a few minutes, the continue on your happy way.

    Kerastase: Luxury for the Hair

    Kerastase: Luxury for the Hair

  9. Save the World.  Fresh water is more precious than anything in the world. Do your part by shortening shower times and daily washing. If everyone skipped a day or 2 between cleansing sessions, think of the grand impact it will make.
  10. Dry Shampoo. Instant refresh. Slight fragrance. Volume. Clean. Enough said. This one is pretty amazing. So I hear.
    Detox from Dry Bar

    Detox from Dry Bar

    Try to find the solutions to your (hair) problems by focusing on what surrounds you. Use tools that are given to you naturally, or that you have acquired over time. Invest in yourself and your education before you jump on a trendy bandwagon, just because everyone else is doing it, or because “that’s just the way its always been done.” Question everything someone tells you; research, learn, experiment and makes mistakes until you find the solutions that work for you. Remember that while everyone is different, many solutions are applied for the common good. Start with something small to change the world in a big way. What would you do if you were given 5 extra hours a week? I decided to find my inner Sampson by wearing dirty hair and start a blog. Now, its your turn.  Tag-your’re it. Good luck!