Easily Impressed Nerd

I’m such a nerd. I’m impressed by anything computerized or related to technology. I love shiny things. I love learning how things work. But then again, aren’t we all? My favorite moments in life are when I see art marry science. In our new era of technology, the applications of computerization are endless. With our new found power, will our society use it for good? For art? For health? Here are three interesting applications of technology and how it can shape the world we live in. 


The first time I watched this video I almost cried. Okay, I cried a little bit. But only because it was such a beautiful thing to watch–golden raindrops dancing to the song inside of my head. I want to take a trip to Singapore just to see this art installation. I was a little sad when I didn’t see more people standing around watching the rain float through the air. I hope that more airports improve their terminals with art installations, to enhance our travel experiences. That’s the least they can do for making us wait in line! Overall, its beautiful because every movement is planned, designed, and timed perfectly to insure that the show is consistently amazing! Presenting “Kinetic Rain.


If you became blind by a freak accident, or lost a limb, or needed an organ replaced, where would you draw the line when it came to incorporating technology in your body? Many people already have computerized pacemakers, artificial limbs, and glass eyes. But what if your pacemaker could monitor multiple internal processes? What if limbs could connect to your central nervous system and have full dexterity? What if your glass eye was connected to your brain and the internet? The age of human cyborgs is among us. Where to draw the line is unclear, as we seemingly believe in medical technologies to save us, when needed. Neil Harbisson is a prime example of what the future could look like for our society. He’s a color blind man that no longer sees only in black and white, thanks to a device that turns frequencies into a symphony of color. This was one of the most interesting TED Talks I’ve heard, and now I’m sharing it with you!


With the wide availability and spread of knowledge via the internet, it is easier for people to discover new sounds, and to be discovered. Social media allows us to reconnect with old friends, share images of our amazing lives, and now, my new favorite, share our garageband hobbies with our friends and family. I’ve fallen in love with the website (and phone app) called Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a platform in which you can share music (or sounds) of the world with the world. I’ve started uploaded some personal music of mine, which I wrote, produced and recorded (amateur style!) using Garageband (such an amazing computerized program for making music!!!). Technology has made sharing more streamlined (before I would email my friends .mp3s individually, now we just post a link!) I use sound cloud to play sounds of nature to put me to sleep via my Sonos speaker, to discover new artists, share my own music, and even now, I’m listening to an awesome exclusive in-depth interview with Joni Mitchell.

In The End…

Overall, I’m thoroughly optimistic about our future with our relationship with technology. I’m not quite sure if I would opt for robotic arms or electronic chips, but then again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t. The point is that we are able to create more, use technology for inspiration and sharing, and peek into the world we live in, that we were not able to do even 2 decades ago. It will help us find our purpose. Its such a natural feeling to want to connect with others, and our world is moving towards an amazing global community.


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