Share More (via iPhone! +iCloud photo sharing)

Happy New Year! 2015 is ringing in with joy, color, and happiness! Instead of resolutions this year, I will be focusing on goals! 🎉 One of my goals is connecting more with people (hence this blog). I started fiddling around with my setting on this iPhone 6+, and found a cool trick to connect more! Here it is in 4 easy steps (as far as I could tell?)

Step 1. Find Photos & Camera under your settings tab. Easy, right?


Step 2. Scroll down to iCloud Photo Sharing and turn the button green! So much good luck in green!


Step 3. Accept any pending invites to existing albums, or, even better, be the first of your friends to start one! Then share this link!


Step 4. Connect. Goal Acheived. Like, enjoy, comment, and share! Celebrate moments quicker than Instagram & Facebook, aaaand it’s like of like all your favorite friends or coworkers or family members or whomever to love you more. We all need a little more love, right?


So, what did you do this New Years? This was only a fraction of my day. Literally, 2 hours MAX. I also went to ikea, hung Curtiss, drank champagne, practice my sax and flute, watched Dumber & Dumber Too (genius movie, btw!), hand painted invitations, cleaned the house, and so much more! These are all simple things that make up your day, your life, and your legacy. So choose wisely how you choose to live!

P.s. Found this feather in my front yard today on New Years! PB is so colorful! Prima seems to love it!



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