Color Your World

How easy is it to make a change? Easy. Super easy. All you have to do is…DO IT! Just like Nike has been telling us for years! I have lately been inspired by simple shapes, colorful displays, and thought provoking images. So I created something that might have those qualities.

Step 1. Buy duck tape. Or is it “Duct” tape? Who knows #whocares? Gotta get the durable stuff. Don’t sacrifice quality for price! (Value is greater!) I choose neon colors, because, well, we all know hot colors are on trend for this spring/summer! Right! 😉 Total cost? Less than $15.00 at Home Depot.

Step 2. Study Pinterest. With so many good people in the world, there is also as much good ideas, good art, good food, and good friends to go along with it. Pinterest is the perfect place to find all of those things! That’s where I got my inspiration. Now it’s your turn!

Step 3. Stick it on! Just make sure you use some durable scissors to cut it. It’s saves a lot of time. Remember, there are no rules to life, including duct tape art ( I looked it up: duct tape is the widget, Duck tape is the firm that branded itself the best). So create and make sure it looks awesome. If not, try again, I mean, it’s only duct tape!

Step 4. Enjoy! Invite all your friends to take pictures. This is actually in my alleyway, which coincidentally gets SO MUCH foot traffic. Maybe because we live in the most popular tourist town in the country? And one block from the sand? So I guess it’s going to get a lot of traffic. Perfect!




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