Intro to The World

Good morning world, and thank you for tuning into an electronic version of my crazy world. I wanted to create a space, my own internet real estate, where I can have creative exploration, purge my thoughts of positivity, and hopefully help and inspire the people that come across here, in some way. Let’s begin.

I work as a Cosmetologist at a successful salon in Pacific Beach Crown Point (a jewel on its own, eh?), called Belli Belli Salon. This high end salon is celebrating its 10th year by continually challenging itself and growing–no reason to take 10 steps forward, any steps back (right? Who likes to live in the past–no one!). I have worked here almost 2 years, starting from an assistant position and working my way up the promotion ladder.

This industry encourages a driving entrepreneurial spirit, as you left to your own methods to acquire new, loyal clients, while synchronistically building your technical skills, social worthiness, showmanship, and client trust. A daunting task that takes years to master (am I almost there? Close, I hope). More than anything it makes me happy to makes others happy through beauty and lifestyle, hence why I take selfies with giant smiles, and perfectly styles quaffs, each day!

Smiling at work

Smiling at work

Ask yourself: is what you do everyday, 40 hours a week (or more- or less) challenging you to grow? Does your daily work inspire you to change and create something new? Can you build upon your mistakes from yesterday, or do you repeat the same monotonous routine after you clock in? Are you always portraying your best rehearsed performance, whether it’s for your coworkers, boss, family, or wife? Living is growing, and always showing your brightest light should be a daily goal, no matter where in the world you are, even in this moment. And with that, I need to go walk my dogs– they need me to shine for them!!



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  2. Ellie Connard · October 12, 2014

    perfection! love it!


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